Total Nigeria Young Graduate Programme for Nigerians 2022

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Total Nigeria Young Graduate Programme for Nigerians 2022. Total Nigeria is accepting applications for the Total Nigeria Young Graduate Programme 2022, which is looking for motivated and passionate young graduates with excellent engineering, marketing, and financial achievements to join the Graduate Program, which will have over 500 young graduates.

We’ve put together some extensive information on the Total Nigeria Young Graduate Programme for Nigerians 2021 in this article to assist you with your application. Take a look at what we have for you below.

About Total Nigeria

Total entered the country in 1956 with the creation of Total Oil Products Nigeria for the distribution of petroleum products. Initially the idea was to build a deposit in Lagos, because the CFDPA had to make agreements with international distributors (especially Shell) to serve a part of Chad, Dahomey and Niger. Elf Aquitaine focused on exploration in 1961. Thus, the Group will continue to develop in the country both upstream and downstream.

Total Nigeria Young Graduate Programme for Nigerians 2022

1956 – 1967

  • 1956, Total creates Total Oil Products Nigeria and begins the construction of a warehouse in Lagos.
  • 1961, BRP (Elf) creates SAFREP for exploration in Nigeria.
  • 1964, the African Oil Exploration Society (SAFREX), which followed SAFREP, makes its first oil discovery in Obagi.
  • 1965, Elf discovers the Upomani deposit
  • 1966, Elf discovers the Obodo deposit and put Obagi into production.
  • 1967, Elf discovers the deposits of Okpoko, Yabumé and Anambra River.

1968 – 1998

  • 1985, the Group sells 1497 KT per year, including 946 in the network, and owns nearly three hundred outlets at very high unit throughput.
  • 1986, Elf-Aquitaine obtains four licences in the Gulf of Niger Delta.
  • 1989, Elf discovers the deposits of Akamba and Ofon. That same year the Natural Gas Liquefaction Company is formed around the national company NNPC. Elf participates with Shell and AGIP.
  • 1990, Elf discovers the Amenam deposit.
  • 1992, Elf discovers the Seibou deposit.
  • 1994, Total discovers the small field of South Okwori.
  • 1995, Elf is associated with the discovery of Bonga
  • 1996, Elf launches the Obite project, which involves recovering associated gas from the Obagi field to power the Bonny liquefaction plant.
  • 1998, the government asks Total to lead the rehabilitation of the Kaduna refinery.

1999 – 2019

  • 2000, TotalFinaElf discovers Akpo and launches the Amenam/Kpono project.
Picture of the project team AKOGEP (Amenam Kpono Oil and Gas Export Project).  © Zylberman Laurent – Total 
  • 2001, the Group discovers the Bonga South West deposit.
  • 2004, Total discovers hydrocarbons in the western area of the Usan deposit, under the OPL 222 Deep Water Exploration Licence.
  • 2012, TOTAL kicks off offshore production at Usan in February

Level/Field of Study

Total Nigeria Young Graduate Programme is an 18-month program for graduates which intends to pursue a post-graduate degree in the area of Accounting, Maintenance Methods Studies, Maintenance, Sales general responsibilities, Sales, Marketing, Downstream Operations, Technology.

It will commence with 6 months – 9 months program in Total Nigeria. The successful candidate at this stage will proceed for a 12 months program in any Total Affiliate.

Host Nationality

The Graduate Programme 2021 will be taken in Nigeria and it will be hosted by Total Nigeria Plc. You can check other African Scholarships available for Nigerian students and other African Countries.

Eligible Nationality

Total Nigeria Young Graduate Programme 2021 is only available to Nigerian Students. Other International Scholarships are for available for International students wishing to study abroad in any country.

You can also check our scholarship by country category for more scholarship updates. A must-read if you want to win this award: 15 Important Tips on Winning a Scholarship

Scholarship Worth

Successful candidates of the program will get an opportunity to work as a contract employee in the organization for 18 months

Eligibility Conditions & Requirments for

How to Become a TOTAL Graduate Program Eligible Candidate
In order to be considered eligible for the Total Nigeria Young Graduate Programme in 2021, applicants must achieve the following criteria.

  1. The applicant must be under the age of 25.
  2. Recent graduate with a maximum of two years of post-graduation employment experience.
  3. A bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of at least 2nd Class Upper is required.
  4. It must be geographically mobile.
  5. He or she should be able to lead and work in a multicultural setting.
  6. He or she must be able to work well with others, be self-motivated, results-oriented, creative, and eager to learn.
  7. Must be able to communcate in English well.

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