Macquarie University Africa Development Scholarship in Australia | 2021

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Macquarie University Africa Development Scholarship in Australia | 2021. Africa Development Scholarships are available to study undergraduate or postgraduate studies at Macquarie University. This award is only open to African students.

Macquarie University is consistently listed in the world’s top 2% of universities and among Australia’s top ten.

Being a Macquarie student will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life because you’ll have so many opportunity to realize your full potential.

You’ll be able to travel the world with our help, complete an internship with a prominent business, and explore your adventurous side, in addition to beginning to carve out a fantastic career for yourself.

Whether you’re a high-school graduate, a non-school applicant, a highly-skilled postgraduate, or an eager overseas student, the Macquarie University team is excited to meet you. We eagerly anticipate your arrival at Macquarie University.

Macquarie University Africa Development Scholarship in Australia | 2021

About Macquarie University Africa Development

Macquarie University was established in 1964 as a bold experiment in higher education. Built to break from traditions and work in tandem with industry, we strive for the extraordinary by challenging convention and embracing different views.

Led by our academics and researchers, we continue our pioneering approach – from inventing Wi-Fi with the CSIRO, to enhancing graduate employability through personalised degrees and degrees co-designed with industry.

Scholarship Level

The scholarship is available to candidates who choose to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Macquarie University

Host Nationality

This scholarship can be taken up in Australia.

Scholarship Benefits

The sum of AU$5000 is donated annually towards your tuition fees for the length of the course (AU$2500 is credited against your tuition fees each semester).

Eligibility & Requirments for Macquarie University Africa Development Scholarship in Australia | 2021

==> Have the status of a citizen of an African country.

==> Have applied for undergraduate or postgraduate coursework through a Macquarie University-approved agent or through our online application system (if applicable).

==> Ensure you are in compliance with the University’s academic and English standards for the course being taught at our North Ryde location.

==> Have your enrollment completed and be prepared to begin your course in 2021. (commencement may not be deferred).

==> You should begin your studies during the session and year specified in your scholarship offer letter. It is not possible to postpone the start date.

==> Also, keep in mind that you will not be eligible for this scholarship if you fall into one of the following categories:

==> If you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or if you have permanent residency in Australia, you are ineligible to participate.

==> Students who are enrolled in an English-packaged course and who begin their course in 2020 are eligible for this scholarship.

==> If you have earned any other Macquarie University scholarship (which may include the UAC Scholarship) for this course of study, you are ineligible for this course of study unless you have been informed otherwise by a university representative.

==> If you want to continue to be eligible for this scholarship, you must remain enrolled in your initial authorized course of study and complete and pass all required units within that course.

==> If you withdraw from your degree before it is completed, you may be forced to repay any scholarships that have been awarded to you during your time at Macquarie University. This will depend on the outcome of the scholarship and awards committee’s review of your case.

How to Apply for Macquarie University Africa Development Scholarship in Australia | 2021

To be eligible for a country scholarship, you do not need to apply directly. In their Macquarie University course offer letter, applicants who match the criteria will be automatically informed of their eligibility.

On the website, you can learn how to apply for a coursework degree at Macquarie University.

Applicants who meet the requirements will be notified of their eligibility in their Macquarie University course offer letter, which will be issued via email.

Important Dates For This Scholarship Is Noted in The Table Below;

Scholarship Type Session 1 (February) Session 2 (July) Outcome Advised
All Scholarships (except listed below) 21 December 14 June Every 2 – 4 weeks
Global Allianz Fund 14 December Within the last 2 weeks of January
Big History FIRST® (Full) African Women in STEM 30 June Within the last 2 weeks of July

The application and official link for this scholarship is below;

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