Leventis Fellowship for Nigerians at the University of London

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Leventis Fellowship for Nigerians at the University of London. Applications for the Leventis Fellowship for 2021 are now being accepted. This fellowship program is specifically designed for Nigerian postgraduate students who are interested in participating in collaborative research projects funded by the Leventis Foundation in London and are based in the United Kingdom.

A number of programs aimed at promoting social growth and development have been implemented by the Leventis Foundation over the course of the organization’s history. One example of such a program is the training of young farmers in modern agricultural methods.

Primarily, this was done in order to support the Federal Government’s Educational Program, which is intended to promote food security.

You will learn more about this opportunity and why it is critical for Nigerians to take advantage of it by reading this article down till the end.

About The Programme

The Foundation’s Educational Grants Scheme is an annual programme of grants intended for postgraduate and doctoral students. Post-doctoral research and distance-learning studies are not included.

Applications by undergraduates who have not obtained their first university degree will not be considered.  Applications without an acceptance letter will not be considered. Incomplete and unsubmitted applications will not be considered.  Grants are not offered retrospectively.

Applications should be completed in English.

Eligibility and Requirments for Leventis Fellowship for Nigerians at the University of London

  • A complete curriculum vitae
  • A statement of current research interests (of not more than 1,000 words) specifying the aims to be achieved during the research period in London
  • One academic reference letter supporting the application (sent directly from the email account of the referee to this [email protected].

How to apply Leventis Fellowship for Nigerians at the University of London

Candidates interested in this opportunity can apply for this fellowship through the link given below

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