Israel Scholarships for International students 2022

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Israel Scholarships for International students 2022. The Israel Scholarships for International Students 2021 are already accepting applications, and qualified scholars are encouraged to submit as soon as possible.

As established in the Cultural Agreements between Israel and the following nations, the Israeli government is glad to give scholarships to international students:

Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada (Quebec Province), China, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Mexico, Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, and Turkey are among the countries represented.

Israel Scholarships for International students 2022

Eligibility Criteria for Applying for Israel Scholarships for International students 2022

  1. The following fundamental requirements must be satisfied to be eligible for this scholarship:
  2. A BA or BSc degree (or higher) is required, as well as a strong academic record.
  3. The applicant must be a citizen of the nation in which he or she applies for the scholarship and must be under 35 years old (at the beginning of the academic year). This scholarship is not open to Israeli nationals. Scholarship recipients must obtain an A2 student visa from the Israeli Embassy or Consulate to which their application was sent.
  4. Language ability in either English or Hebrew is required.
  5. The candidate must satisfy the academic standards of the Israeli university to which he or she is applying. After the required institute has approved the candidate’s admittance, a scholarship will be awarded.

How to Apply for Israel Scholarships for International students 2022

  1. Download application forms if you haven’t completed yours yet.
  2. Detailed letter detailing the topic of study in Israel that the applicant wishes to pursue, as well as the university that he or she wishes to attend.
  3. a CV/Curriculum Vitae required
  4. Copies of letters sent to Israeli universities, or the relevant Israeli supervisor in the case of a research or post-doctoral program. The Ulpan Scholarship does not have any requirements.
  5. Official original academic records (or notarized copies) of all relevant studies and exam scores, diplomas attesting academic degree completion, including a transcript of the student’s records
  6. A minimum of two (2) letters of recommendation from lecturers/professors who have taught the candidate.
  7. Photographs three (3) copies needed
  8. a health certification needed

For more details, please write to the following e-mail address: [email protected] Download Files.



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