Interswitch SPAK 3.0 Science Competition 2021 for Nigerians and Kenyans

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Interswitch SPAK 3.0 Science Competition 2021 for Nigerians and Kenyans. The Interswitch SPAK National Science Competition is an annual public and private secondary school search in Nigeria and Kenya for students in grades 2 through 11, ages 14 to 17.

With a key message to promote the interests of students, parents, teachers, and other key stakeholders in STEM education and its use in Africa, the InterswitchSPAK competition is presented to show the ideal career path and guide students to their potential and fulfill their dreams (as inventors or entrepreneurs).

Aim of InterswitchSPAK

  • Raising and maintaining interest and interest in studying STEM at secondary schools throughout Africa.
  • Increase the level of STEM education and reward excellence with educational grants through an impartial competition that would promote quality education in Africa.
  • Build a vehicle that is truly interested in the growth, development, and well-being of African students and teachers through various interventions, including scholarship programs for exceptional STEM students.


  • 1st Prize: Five (5) years University Scholarship + annual stipend worth of ₦7,500,000 and a Laptop
  • 2nd Prize: Three (3) years University Scholarship worth of ₦4,000,000 and a Laptop
  • 3rd Prize: One (1) year University Scholarship worth of ₦1,000,000

Eligibility & Requirements for Interswitch SPAK 3.0 Science Competition 2021 for Nigerians and Kenyans

  • Each applicant must be a student in SSS2 (year 11) attending a Public or Private Secondary School in Nigeria
  • He or she must be between the age of 14 to 17
  • The student must be a resident in Nigeria
  • He or she must be willing to travel out of your state of abode if you are not resident in Lagos
  • He or she must have a sound knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics based on the current SS2 WAEC/NECO syllabuses is a necessity
  • Finally, he or she must be willing to comply with the rules of the competition as laid down by the producers

How to Apply for Interswitch SPAK 3.0 Science Competition 2021 for Nigerians and Kenyans

Participation in this contest is FREE. However, registration for participation is exclusively online at

Scholarship Guidelines/Instructions:

==> InterswitchSPAK, Nigeria’s national test, will be held in April 2021. Please check for a list of centers.

==> To receive their accreditation, students must appear at their allocated Examination Center before 10:00 a.m. with their registration form fully signed and approved by the Headmaster.

==> Latecomers will be denied the opportunity to take the exam.
Only a pencil, eraser, ruler, and HB chart should be brought by students. THE USE OF A CALCULATOR IS PROHIBITED.

==> The students must be well-behaved.

==> Any misconduct results in the student’s expulsion.

==> All students must wear their school uniform to the exam venue.

==> The nearest test center may be found in the list of test centers.

==> Only SS2 pupils are eligible to enter the tournament (11th grade).

==> Based on the current WAEC / NECO SS2 curriculum, each school must prepare its representatives for final tests in physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.

==> The organizer’s/decision NECO’s is final, and we will not communicate with anybody regarding the test’s results.

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