Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship For Women

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Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship For Women. African female students interested in pursuing degree programs at the University of Dundee are encouraged to apply for Postgraduate Scholarships.

We’ll give you all the details you need to know about the Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship for Women in this post, including the program’s level and focus of study, eligibility, benefits, how to apply, and the application date.

They should know that this scholarship represents the University’s investment in their long-term development as well as the overall improvement in their community. The candidate should explain how she plans to use her time spent studying abroad and her postgraduate degree to help bring about holistic change, ensure that everyone has equal access to opportunities, and promote a more peaceful, reconciled, and empowered people back home.

About The Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship For Women

Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (GPFA) was established in 2012 by Liberian peace activist and Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee as a way to ensure that younger generations in Liberia are peaceful, reconciled, and empowered. GPFA provides outstanding education and leadership opportunities to women and youth.


GPFA increases access of women and youth to quality education to reduce their risk of experiencing perpetual poverty. GPFA provides scholarships, school materials and education support to young people who display academic excellence but experience financial barriers to maintaining engagement in education. GPFA links their scholars to one another through annual retreats and leadership development opportunities. GPFA is also in the process of building a technical high school for girls in Monrovia.


GPFA provides comprehensive leadership training and hands-on experience for young people to help them develop the skills, knowledge and attributes necessary for empowered lives. GPFA trains young people to be peace advocates, peer educators on health and human rights, and leaders in their communities and schools.


The empowerment, participation and leadership of women is a necessary part of Liberia’s pathway to economic development and peace. To empower local communities and improve women’s participation in private and public decision-making, GPFA provides spaces for women to connect with one another and to develop and use the skills and knowledge needed for the journey of leadership. GPFA also uses public radio to widen the debate about the role of women in the public sphere.

Level/Field of Study

Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship is a master’s degree program that is available for all fields of study. Anybody studying any field is eligible to apply for this Leymah Gbowee Scholarship 2021.

Host Nationality

Leymah Gbowee Scholarship is hosted and taken in Scotland, UK. You can check out other UK scholarships

Eligible Nationality

Leymah Gbowee Scholarship is for Liberia, Nigeria or Ghana students.

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Scholarship Worth

Up to a total of £20,000 for Tuition and living expenses will be awarded to winners of this Leymah Gbowee Scholarship

Eligibility for Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship 2021

Criteria for awarding the scholarship is as follows:

  • The applicant must be a Liberian, Nigerian, Ghanaian country national citizen
  • The applicant must be permanently resident in Liberia, Nigeria or Ghana at the time of application
  • The applicant must be female
  • Applicants will be selected on the basis of their merit and potential evidenced by their personal statement.

The awards will be given to students who are undertaking a one-year taught master’s program at the University of Dundee, in the academic year 2021 (January 2020 entry).

Applicants should already have been offered a place at the University of Dundee and should have firmly accepted that offer or be intending to do so. We have a full list of our postgraduate courses, including details of how to apply, online.

Selection Criteria: 

  • A applicant who has demonstrated evidence of sustaining the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa’s ideal by persistent personal growth, community development, and a strong dedication to the advancement and education of women and youth in her native country will be given preference.
  • It is suggested that the candidate present examples or a personal narrative that emphasizes leadership skills, personal fortitude, and active participation in generating real chances for the underprivileged in terms of social, educational, and/or spiritual progress.
  • The selected candidate should be prepared to use the scholarship not only as an educational opportunity, but also as an opportunity to immerse herself in another culture while encouraging students and the local community of Dundee to understand her own country and culture.
  • The applicant should explain how she plans to get active in University or local groups, events, and/or organizations, as well as how she plans to contribute to worldwide discussions about women’s issues.

How to Apply for Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship 2021

  1. Complete the application form above
  2. To complete the application process you must complete the form and submit all relevant documentation and return by email to Gillian Sharp at the University of Dundee [email protected]
  3. Please type the Leymah Gbowee Scholarship in the subject area of the email.

(Applicants will also be required to provide proof of their African citizenship and permanent residence)

Application Deadline

The Gbowee Peace Foundation Scholarship application closes on 13th November, Annually.

Visit the Scholarship Webpage for details

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