APPLY: French Government Scholarships for Kenyans 2021

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APPLY: French Government Scholarships for Kenyans 2021. If you are looking for a scholarship in France, here ius a scholarshipyou shpouldapply for.Why not seek a master’s or doctoral degree in France if you are a Kenyan? In 2021, have a look at these French Government Scholarships for Kenyan students.

Now, these scholarships are mostly for Masters and Ph.D. candidates with strong academic credentials. They can also be given to Kenyans who work at national universities and research institutes in order to improve institutional capacity (Staff Exchange Program).

You should also be aware that, the Ph.D. programs are sponsored for three months each year, for three years in a row. Currently, thirty-two scholarship recipients are studying in France. Travel and tuition will be covered as well.

Now,the main goal of this program is to provide French expertise in scientific research and educational engineering. The French Embassy provides funding or mobilizes outside resources to undertake projects with French specialists.

The program includes scientific or topical workshops with the goal of strengthening Kenyan partners’ capacities.

The French Embassy wishes to take part in the formalization of existing scientific collaboration. It encourages the formation of memorandums of understanding between Kenyan and French research and higher education institutions by offering advice and support to Kenyan universities as well as funding assignments.

The French Embassy is supporting the creation of an alumni network (AFRAKEN) that brings together former and present scholarship recipients, as well as former Kenyan students who completed their master’s and doctoral degrees in France.

About The French Government’s Kenyan Scholarships

This initiative aims to establish a social network among Kenyan scientists (experience sharing, promotion of science in Kenya, implementation of multidisciplinary projects, participation in scientific capacity building workshops) as well as maintain cordial relations with various French institutions.


The grant is available for Master’s and Ph.D. studies in the following fields in France.

All academic disciplines will be evaluated in the application process. Priority will be given to the following topics, which are in line with Kenya’s priorities (Vision 2030):

  • Agricultural, veterinary, and forestry sciences are all fields of study.
  • Engineering Technologies and Sciences,
  • Civil engineering is the study of the construction of structures.
  • Science of Medicine and Health;
  • Resources for energy (solar, wind, geothermal, and oil mineral);
  • Science, technology, and innovation are three words that come to mind when thinking about science and technology
  • French.


Kenyans will be able to take advantage of these government scholarships in France.

If you are an international student interested in studying in the United Kingdom, look into the top scholarships available.

NATIONALITY REQUIREMENTS FOR French Government Scholarships for Kenyans 2021

Kenyans are the only ones eligible for the scholarship.

Aside from government scholarships for Kenyans, international students can apply for various scholarships to study abroad.

You can search for scholarships by nation to see what’s available.


The scholarship comprises the following items:

a round-trip ticket

Allowances each month (about 767 Euros)

From September 2019 to June 2020, for Master’s scholarship holders

For holders of a Ph.D. sandwich scholarship, there will be four annual stays in France starting in 2018, three of them of three months each, and a fourth stay of a few weeks for the defense.

The duration of the staff exchange program varies from one to three months (between January and December 2018).

Access to inexpensive student accommodation should be made easier;

Insurance for social and health purposes;

Fees for Schengen visas;

French public university tuition fees;

Prior to departure and in between Ph.D. stays, I took French classes at Alliance Française de Nairobi (at reduced cost: 20 to 50 percent )

Eligibility for French government scholarships for Kenyans


==> Students with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree who want to continue their education in France

==> Members of Kenyan university employees who want to improve their skills by:

Criteria for eligibility

==> Kenyan national

==> Agreement with the employer (if any)

Co-funding is indicated in a financial strategy (self-sponsoring, study leave, other scholarship)

==> For English-language programs: strong command of the French language or a letter of intent signed by the applicant stating his or her intention to attend French classes at Alliance Française prior to departure.

==> A minimum level of B2 in the French language is necessary for programs taught in that language.

==> To choose a compatible academic program and make contact with the French Host University.

How to Apply for French Government Scholarships for Kenyans 2021

The scholarship application form for 2020 can be downloaded here. Select the scholarship category for which you are eligible and complete the application procedure.

The application deadline has passed.

NOTE: This scholarship is given once a year. The application must be filed in both soft and hard copies by the 28th of February each year.

the French Embassy in Nairobi’s Department of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs

Visit For more information:


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