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It is good to be mindful of what weights you carry because everyone has those that suit you so that there are no health complications in a long run.

It is best to seek a professional’s instruction on what is to be done when starting with the practice because they know at which point you can use what kind of weights you can use.

More to that, when it comes to weight lifting proper medical check-up is necessary so that you can know the state of your body and if you have chronicle illnesses, you can be advised accordingly before you hit the gym.

Robert Ddamulira, a gym instructor says it is advisable for an individual to first seek medical advise before they can start lifting because not everyone can lift weights.

He says one has to know his ability their ability so that they do not lift weights that they cannot handle because they may end up dropping the weight and get harmed.

“Also apart from hurting their external organs, the internal muscles too can be damaged and you get deformed in a way that some of the body parts will be bigger and imbalanced,” says Ddamulira.

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He says lifting things that are too heavy can cause not only muscle damage but also causes spinal injuries depending on the way you position yourself.

He further says being too rush when carrying the weights and also not being relaxed when doing that triggers pain that may keep reoccurring.

Sadat Ntambi, a fitness trainer at Get fit gym, Namuwongo says weight lifting has many rules that should be adhered to or else one an individual stands a risk of suffering a health defect that may last forever.

He says there is a visible physical appearance difference between someone who has ever gone to the gym but is lifting weights and that one who has never gone to the gym.

“In most cases, people set goals that are way too high. They end up carrying weights they are not supposed to because they expect to attain a certain kind of body within a specific period so they will strain more,” says Ntambi.

More to that, he says persisting on weight lifting even when you feel pain in certain parts of the body is dangerous because body pain is a sign that something is not right and you need to see a doctor.

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Apart from that, he advises people to stop holding their breath while carrying the weight because this will disorganise their breathing system and they could end up collapsing because of a shortage of air.

He further says people should stop exploiting the stronger parts of their bodies like most people find the right hand more energetic and tend to use it more when lifting weights. This will cause body imbalance and the person will end up being deformed.

Jimmy Aworit, a trainer at Jimmy Gym, Namugongo says warming up is core in weight lifting because this prepares you both physically and mentally.

He says regardless of which kind of weights you can lift, you must start with a smaller one to rejuvenate the muscles then you can carry the heavy ones that you always do.

It is important to have an instructor because they track your progress and can tell when you are overstraining and need to get a break.

He says wanting to achieve multiple body goals can cause muscle jam because you will overwork them so it is better to first focus on one then another after one has been achieved.

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