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Talent is gold. So many people earn a living off their Good given gifts like athletics, football, dancing, singing among others. Sadly, some people don’t get to utilize their talents until death . Today we bring a list of bold musician who discovered their talents in school, and went ahead to produce hit songs.

Spice Diana

Spice Diana was at Makerere University when she stepped out of her comfort zone to join the music industry.  Her song “onsanula” became a major hit playing on all radio and TV stations as well bars. Thanks to her hard work, Spice Diana is one of the celebrated female musicians today.

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Singer Spice Diana

Dr Hilderman

Double bed mazongoto video is shot in one of Makerere University lecture rooms. The then young and talented Hilderman used the available resources to shoot a video which exposed him to the whole world. Today, Dr Hilderman is a celebrated musician and Member of Parliament Mawokota North on the NUP ticket.

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Photo of Dr Hilderman


How would we have survived the COVID 19 Pandemic without Tumbiza sound? To many, this song was a stress reliever. So many Ugandan Tiktok Creators took up the Tumbiza sound challenge which spread the song like wild fire. “Katunyumirwe the police is not around” was the most preferred line in this song.

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Tumbiza Sound singer Eezy

Captain Dollar

One hit wonder, so they say. Captain Dollar was a senior six vacist when he released Emmese.  Who didn’t know this song? parents didn’t approve this song as it was considered obscene. However, Captain Dollar has since disappeared from the music scene.

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Captain Dollar has disappeared from the music scene

Allan Tonix

Beera Nange: the lovers theme song. This song put Allan Tonix on the music scene and kept him on top charts for months. Beera Nange was his stepping stone, he has since released many good songs.

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Image result for Allan Tonix
Photo of Allan Tonix

Mozey Radio

Sweet lady is one of the most preferred songs by the late. Radio RIP, was a very creative person. He created songs out of things around him that no one thought he would. He once saw a leaf falling and wrote a song called Bikoola which was a mega hit. That’s the kind of brain we lost. Even though Sweet lady didn’t sell him that much, it introduced him to the music world.

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The Late Mozeey Radio


Latinum started his music career in high school. It breaks my heart to hear people say he only came to tell us his name. Because of a line in his song Amanya gange nze Latinum meaning (my name is Latinum) which sold him mostly in Kampala. Latinum has since tried to record songs with little success. But at least we gat his name, LATINUM.

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Photo of Latinum
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