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Supervisor-Private Sector Product at Platinum Credit • GlobeScholarships

POSITION Supervisor-Private Sector Product at Platinum Credit To evaluate and approve loans within loan limit by reviewing applicants’ financial status, credit history and property used as collateral. . Key duties/responsibilities:• Selling products and services using solid arguments to prospective customers.• Performing cost-benefit analyses of existing and potential customers.• Maintaining positive […]

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Business: The transport sector – GlobeScholarships

Like in any other business, postal and courier services aren’t sailing on a smooth sea. The sector is filled with varies challenges the biggest being the evolution of technology as its cheap and quicker  communicating via mobile phones, e-mails and other quick medias than using Posta and courier companies. If […]

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Makerere University Prof. William Bazeyo Wins 185 Billion Grant to Boost Uganda Health Sector

Makerere University College of Health lecturer Prof. William Bazeyo has won a 185 billion Uganda shillings grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under the US President’s Emergency Plan For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The grant is intended to develop the Uganda health sector through the Ministry of […]

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