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Ministry of Health to Finance “Tumbiza Sound” Remix • GlobeScholarships

Following the ban on Eezzy song “Tumbiza Sound”, today morning Opoka Eric aka Eezzy met with officials from the Ministry of Health and Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to discuss on the way forward. Opoka Eric aka Eezzy According to sources, during the meeting Eezzy was tasked to record a remix […]

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Financial Specialist at Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries • GlobeScholarships

The Mission of the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries is to “Transform Subsistence Farming to Commercial Agriculture”. The Government of Uganda has received credit from Islamic Development Bank {lsDB) towards the cost of the Enhancing National Food Security through Increased Rice Production project (ENRP)The main goal of the […]

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Remembering Aronda’s contribution to the efficiency of Ministry of Internal Affairs

Aronda Nyakairima was like a seed planted on a fertile ground, wherever he stepped, enormous success was realized. He was able to turn around failed projects at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the shortest period he served as Minister. After doing a tremendous change in the army, he was […]

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