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The other day, I had an intriguing conversation with an African-American (self-described) mom from Washington DC. She explained to me that although there was opportunity in Washington DC for young black men that most places in our great nation, it was rather tough to get ahead, as there was still an abundant amount of discrimination. Now then, I don’t think anyone in this country would suggest that there is “no” discrimination, I think we all know there is.

Still, let me go out on a limb here and give you a counter argument. You see, adversity builds character, everyone should celebrate their adversity, overcome it, and then there are no limits! The gift of adversity is underrated. So, if there are bone-heads still out there that discriminate, that is their problem, and no young black man with his whole life ahead of him should give those racist types a second thought, rise above it!

My acquaintance from Washington DC suggested that I read what Tim Wise, has to say about “White Privilege” in America. So, I thought I’d pass that onto my reader. Still, even so, I don’t remember being given a free-ride as a young white man, quite the opposite actually. You see, my track scholarship was giving to a Hispanic fellow who didn’t have as good grades, had slower times in track, and wasn’t most likely to succeed, class president, had community volunteerism hours, in student government, 4-varsity letterman, or run his own business since age 12, but I did. That didn’t matter they said, because I was white.

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Indeed, I was told this was necessary to ensure fairness to all, that he should get that scholarship he didn’t earn, and even though I did earn it and it wasn’t fair to me, that I should understand. I didn’t because I knew inherently; it wasn’t right and it wasn’t fair, not after I worked so hard to accomplish all that.

So, I would say “white privilege” in the age of reverse discrimination is an oxy-moron. I was penalized publicly for being white. Okay, I accept that, but I will hold that line from now on when it comes to fairness on race issues, you understand right? I mean I hope my readers of this article understand. Still, in hindsight, I guess that adversity in being reverse-discriminated against taught me a valuable lesson; life isn’t fair. The government won’t make it fair, and sometimes you have to work three-times as hard as everyone else to become successful. I did, so what’s your excuse?

Find strength of character in overcoming adversity and once you are successful, you’ll see exactly what I am talking about, and at that point, I bet you see what I am saying here, while you stand on top of that hill. Go be great, make it happen, prove everyone wrong and win in life. Sincerely, Lance.

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