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Social media has taken trend in the modern world in that some people feel they cannot do without it because it is their best company and some have even replaced it with the people around them.

With that attitude, it may either make or destroy a person and their career depending on how you use the platform.

Lotte Bosco Bogere, a procurement officer says most people think that what they post on social media is their business and no one has the right to dictate on what they post on their walls but unknowingly to them that may cost them a potential job.

He says instead of using social media as a show biz platform, it is good to use it for more productive things that can leave a good genuine impression to the people going to view you profile.

“Sometimes your social media platform may be perused through during an interview and much as you have passed the other forms of interview, negative impression from your page automatically makes you lose the job,” says Bogere.

The type of photos one posts

Kate Akello, a human resource officer says photos are one of the things that people do not really pay attention to when they are posting because they do not think it is really a big deal but the postures tell a lot about their personality which is dangerous.

She further says the photos may not be of you but another person but usually the reason for which you have posted the picture may be the basis of the criticism hence making you lose the job opportunity.

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“Also places that you take your photos from have so much impact to your image because they tell what kind of things you do and what you are capable of and in case it is not the personality needed for the job then you lose the chance,” says Akello.

She advises that it is better for people to use social media platforms to build their curriculum vita and this should be in line with the job you are aspiring for.

Using some other name

“The name you use shows what your level of maturity and trust worthiness is because there is no way a person can risk giving a job to someone who is even not proud of their name,” says Akello.

Just like Akello, Bogere says giving a job to someone with multiple identities may be a risk and using another name on social media platforms is one of the traits of such people. That simple act will leave doubt in the minds of those who want to give you a job.

Publicising your private life

Deogracious Okou, a Human resource officer says there is a level at which someone should be transparent to the public and excessive transparency may leave the employers questioning if you can really keep the company secrets.

“Also there are some things that you may publicise and instead tell people the other side of you that is not pleasant and the employers may base on that to deny you the job,” says Okou.

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Putting up ill posts about your former employer and also workmates

He says such a habit is completely un ethical because those are people who once employed and paid you so speaking ill of them shows how un appreciative you are regardless of what you are saying.

More to that, he says posting about your work mates also show that you cannot keep a good relation with the people you work with which is not healthy for the working environment and makes you less productive.

Wrong spellings

Akello says most people use short hand while texting on social media and in a long run that affects them because they may forget how to spell.

“Apart from short hand, having something spelled in a wrong way or even typing wrong vocabulary highly affects your job search because there is no one who would like to hire an individual who cannot write good sentences,” says Akello.

Ignoring putting your profile picture and other professional details

She says not uploading your profile picture is showing that you have a lot to hide just like a person who uses a pseudo name on their social media accounts.

“Together with the profile picture you have to also update your professional details so that when someone looks through your profile they can be able to know what exactly you do just in case of any job offers,” says Bogere.

Obscene language

Okou says it is a good thing to up lift your morals everywhere you are regardless of who you are associating with because that is what people will base on to judge you.

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He says there is no way a company would want to hire someone who already has a bad image because usually a company’s brand is their own employees and one who portrays a bad image will always be a bad brand.

Bragging about success

“It is good to show off your success but the way you do it is what will define what people think about you,” says Bogere.

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