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Did you know that the average college student graduates with over $25,000 worth of student loan debt? College costs and tuition are rising every year and people end up graduating with huge amounts of debts. There are options and college scholarships can be the answer to helping you finance your college studies.

What are college scholarships? They are money giving to students who fulfill certain requirements. The money is intended to be financial aid in order to help them pay for the things necessary to excel in a university. Scholarships can fall into the following categories.

Merit – The need of the student for financial aid is not a factor. It is based on special abilities that the student may have. The scholarship is intended to promote the student and motivate them to work harder.

Athletic – Schools may offer some students athletes if they excel in a certain sport if hey agree to play for the university

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Need Based – This is financial aid where the student and their family’s financial situation is the primary factor. These are some of the highest rewarding scholarships as they may cover the entire tuition including cost of living.

Ethnicity – The student’s racial or cultural background is the main factor. In addition tot his, the scholarship may require the student to fulfill certain merit requirements.

General – These are the rest of the scholarships which don’t fall into a category above. They can include being left handed, below a certain height, etc.

How Do You Get Scholarships?

The main secret of getting scholarships is to be proactive and actively search for them. Searching for scholarships is not that difficult these days with the help of the Internet and high school resources. The problem that students have is the tedious process of filling them out. Each scholarships often requires submitting documents and writing essays.

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It’s important to start searching for scholarships early due to deadlines, and give yourself sufficient time to fill them out and mail them in. Keep a notebook and write down all the scholarships with their due dates in order to keep track. It’s also important to follow up within a few weeks to ensure that they do have your applications and when you should expect a reply.

Getting college scholarships is mainly a numbers game The more scholarships you apply for, then the more chances you have of getting money. You have to have discipline and organization to be successful. Remember that every dollar you earn is a dollar you don’t have to repay in the future with added interests!


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