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Single parents can take advantage of this scholarship for single mothers and fathers called Denny’s Single Parent Student Scholarship. Aside from the scholarship, you will also be given a coupon for ‘Kids Eat the Free’. The due date for the application is on February 16, 2010 so you should apply now.

The scholarship can provide you with $500 to $1,500 of award money that you can use for your education expenses. However, there are eligibility requirements. Firstly, you should have a Hispanic background.

Other requirements include resident of the US, should be enrolled or accepted in any US university/college and Puerto Rico for the coming academic year, wants to become a full time undergrad student, should have a GPA of 3.0 to 4.0, should be financially in need, single parent, and should participate in the publicity of the program when requested. These are the eligibility requirements. If you don’t meet most of the requirements, then there is no need to apply.

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What if you qualify? Once you find out that you’re qualified, you can now prepare the required documents. Among the documents that you should submit are the official transcript; family income, citizenship status, photocopy of the birth certificate of children, recommendation letter, essay and resume. Once you’re chosen as a semi finalist, you will now have to submit financial aid verification to be submitted June this year.

Denny’s is actually a restaurant and the Hispanic College Fund recognizes this great opportunity to help single mothers and fathers out there in finishing their education. Once you submit your application, you will wait for 1-3 days to get the response from the HCF. Applying for this scholarship is only possible if you’re Hispanic otherwise, you will not qualify.

Scholarships are widely available online and locally. You can check out the site of the HCF so that you will know more about the Denny’s scholarship. Application is easy as long as you qualify.

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Prepare all the documents and make sure that you provide a good resume. Scholarship for single mothers and fathers are within your reach. You simply have to invest time and effort in preparing the documents and who knows… you can be awarded.


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