Need More Power and Spin in Your Game? The Prince O3 Speedport White Has You Covered!

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The Prince O3 Speedport White has, as the name suggests, speedport technology that greatly assists you in getting a lot more power out of your shots.

This is achievable thanks to special O ports around the frame of the racket which help to reduce drag and allow the racket to move through the air at a faster rate.

As a result, you can generate more power and more spin when you require it.

You may be thinking that this racket is purely for beginner tennis players because of the extra power, but this racket is more suitable for intermediate and advanced players alike.

In fact, the racket is ideal for any player looking for better maneuverability without sacrificing key elements like control and placement.

Just one benefit of having an extra fast swing is the ability to make otherwise low or awkward approach shots and turning them into winning points. You are simply able to get to the ball quicker and hit it back with added speed with the O3 white.

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Of course, with extra power comes extra responsibility in making your shot. You may find that if your timing is off, you will hit the ball too hard and see it fly off the court.

As a result, extra caution is required when using this racket and it will probably take you a few games to get used to the pace, especially if you have had become accustomed to using a much slower racket.

Extra spin is also something that many players strive for. The O3 Speedport white makes it much easier to find that spin, particularly top spin.

The added benefit is that this flexible and maneuverable racket allows you to hit with supreme power and spin all day long without needlessly tiring you out before the match is won.

As far as comfort and feel go, this racket is the equivalent of a Mercedes Benz. It encourages you to go for more attacking strokes in both corners of the court and allows to you to trust your judgment more often to hit more winners.

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The Prince O3 Speedport white is a versatile racket that has the potential to appeal to beginners, intermediates and advanced players, though it is probably slightly more favorable to intermediate and advanced hitters simply because of the extra control that is needed with a powerful racket.

Of course, the benefits of this Prince racket don’t end there.


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