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Oftentimes workplaces have rules on what time an employee arrives and departs from their office.

Mary Kyomuhendo a human resource officer says her job is full of paperwork and when she started work she was required to be there by 7:00 am.

She found it hard to adjust because she always went to bed late and rising early meant dosing at work.

Making it to the office before her employees was a must but she ended up dosing throughout the day.

“With time I started leaving office at 10:00 pm all in the bid of reducing the paperwork which had piled up. I decided to make use of every single minute I had at work and my work that helped,” says Kyomuhendo.

Do not wait to face consquences

She says an employee does not have to face consequences before they can start valuing their time at work but be self-driven so that all can go well for them.

“Much as I was able to keep my job, I have had to make harsh decisions to let some company employees go because of failure to keep time, do and complete their work at the required time,” she says.

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More to that, she says most people take time for granted yet that is something that keeps every individual going even if they do not work for other people but themselves.

Utilise every minute

On the other hand, Resty Nalubwama a researcher says in some fields keeping time does not mean being at work early but making sure that you beat the deadline and submit what is required on time.

She says regardless of the time you reach the office, it is best to make sure that you have collected enough data from your sources so that all you do is compile other than sit on the desk and start fidgeting.


“Sometimes your employers may require you to be at work very early but if you do not have what it takes to get the work done then you should inform them then give them your work plan before you can go ahead,” says Nalubwama.

She adds that those whose work requires them to be at the office all day should be on time so that they can get their work done because afternoons are always lazy hours.

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Have a work schedule

Kate Akello, a human resource officer says there are several things that people should do to be productive and the common one is gossiping and getting involved in corridor talks that do not benefit them.

She says for someone to properly make use of their time they should have a work schedule that they will follow otherwise going to the office without a plan will just have you waste time because you will reach and start drawing the plan that means reprogramming the brain.

She advises individuals to stop diverting their schedule and focus on the initial plan because the focus is one of the things that drive the brain and get the work done on time.

She further says people should learn to value their work if they are to make something out of it and that means to devote your time to what you do so that you can do it best.

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