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For many years, the Islamic University in Uganda has been a home for many international students who leave their home countries in a quest for better education facilities. The university openly welcomes these students from abroad who seek further education and it has registered an increment in their numbers for the past three years.

These nationalities keep increasing year by year and not only do they come from East Africa but also the far ends of the continent. These students include those from Somalia, Malawi, Nigeria, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya to mention but a few.

In record, the university has always registered a higher number of international students coming from Somalia. This is because Somalia is a war-torn country and these students find peace and security in IUIU being based on Islamic principles and values.

When I interviewed some of the Malawian students, Malenga Bright and Umar Salim Juma their reasons as to why they chose to study at IUIU was mainly because of the university’s Islamic and educational background.

Watch the videos below of Malenga Bright and Umar Salim Juma talking about why they chose to study at IUIU.

Abdikadir Abdirahman and Abdirahman Ali are also Somali students at the university who are seeking further education at IUIU because education at this university is better than that of their home country.

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Listen to the audio below of Abdikadir Abdirahman sharing his reasons why he decided to study at IUIU and his future plans.

Zureha Farrukh is also one of the Tanzanian students at the university, “I came to IUIU because of its Islamic background and its standards.” She exclaims

Listen to the audio below of Zureha Farrukh sharing with me her reasons for joining IUIU.

Khadija a Kenyan national pursuing a degree in law at the university said, “I was brought to IUIU however it is a nice university because of its deen (religion).”

Watch the video below of Khadija talking about how nice IUIU is and her future plans.

The university has a lot of courses to offer but before the international students pursue a degree in any course, they need to first study a course of one year known as Remedial which goes for both sciences and Arts. This is known as a subsidiary of high school whereby they choose combinations such as, History, economics and geography for those doing arts and biology, mathematics and chemistry or physics for those doing sciences. It is during this year that these students are taught English. After that year, they are free to choose any course of their choice.

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However, most of the international students do dream of going back to their respective home countries to either further their education or find jobs. While I was interviewing one of the Tanzanian nationals, Hudhaifah Twaha as to what his future plans are after IUIU, this is what he had to say.

Watch the video below of Hudhaifah Twaha talking about his future plans after IUIU.

A graph showing the growth of international students at IUIU

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