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On Monday 8th March, Uganda will celebrate its 37th Women’s day with the rest of the world.

The first Women’s day was pioneered by the then first lady Miria Obote in 1984. In the following year, Miria Obote attended a conference to mark the end of the United Nations Decade for Women, in Nairobi, Kenya in July 1985.

Since then, there have been a day each year, on 8th March that is recognized globally to celebrate the achievements of women as well as advocating for gender equality and equity in all spheres of life.

In learning institutions, government agencies and corporate organisations, Women’s day has got attention and is widely known, with having a day off their usual schedule to mark of women, as the government law requires.

At Ultimate Multimedia Consult, the staff weighed and shared their thoughts and “WHAT WOMEN’S DAY MEANS TO THEM” and below is a glimpse of their responses.

Eddy Ssenoga says Women’s day is a day for recognizing women as able, competent and capable sex.

Eddy Ssenoga

“Women’s day is among the days I don’t celebrate; women’s day is like a normal day that was arranged to recognize ladies, since many people take them as a weaker vessel/sex,”

And Jane Ndibarekera, women’s day is day of celebrating the achievements of women.

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“Women’s day is day to celebrate who we are and what we do as women,”

Miriam Nankya says women’s day helps women to realize their God given potentialand work towards achieving it.

Miriam Nankya

“Women’s day is supposed to be for recognizing that women matter in society, as a community worker, I have seen how women out there in communities are treated, badly, so given an opportunity like Women’s day, it’s good to recognize that women matter,”

Edward Tumwine says that Women’s Day helps the society to appreciate their contribution.

Edward Tumwine

“Women’s day is a reminder day to appreciate the more women in society, the roles they play and their contributions to society,”

Patricia Busingye says Women’s day is a day to further the advocacy of women’s rights towards gender equality.

Patricia Busingye

“Women’s day is the day to celebrate the achievements we have been through, advocate and remind ourselves of our rights and a day to support fellow women,” Patricia noted.

Zuurah Karungi urges women to do self- reflection and look forward towards achieving their purpose and appreciate women who have done a positive impact in their societies.

Zuurah Karungi

“To me, Women’s day is a day of self-reflection as a woman to understand what you are and why you are created as a woman, more especially recognizing your purpose. It is also a day to celebrate all the women who have done good things and look up to them so that they can do better.” Zuurah said.

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Philimon Badagawa said women’s day is a sign to recognize women in society and their contribution in development.

Philimon Badagawa

Sarah Aanyu said women’s day of self-appreciation and influencing other women to know their worth.

Sarah Aanyu

“It is the day of celebrating myself more than the usual, appreciate what I have done, seek other women who are not educated and empower them and also to celebrate those women who have done tremendous things in our society,” Sarah noted.

However Agnes Tumuheire g. gives a different view on what she thinks Women’s day is. To her Women’s day has portrayed and emphasized women as a weaker sex, and it has not served its original purpose to why it was gazette.

Agnes Tumuheire

““If 8th March is a day for women, then whose are the remaining 364 days, are they for men? To me, women’s day emphasizes the point that women are a weaker sex, all days should be for both genders, women’s day and men’s day; to make it gender sensitive,” Tumuheire stressed.

Putting together the above points, achieving celebrating women’s contribution should not only be on 8th March but should be celebrated everyday and women especially rural women should be helped to realise their potential.

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