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It has been a while since Uganda attained its independence and a lot has changed including the country’s security which has become better as compared to that was there when the colonialists were around.

The country’s security is maintained and regulated by the Uganda police forces and the Uganda people’s defence force that has well trained people and know how to go about everything when it comes to security.

Uganda is known to be one of the countries that has gone out of its way to make sure that there is peace in the region this has been made evident by the way they have helped in trying to stabilise Somalia and South Sudan that has been facing wars for a period of time.

We need not to forget that there is a lot that the country puts at stake when get their army involved in the politics of another country right from the funding to creating enmity with a particular group that they are trying to restrain from destabilising the country.

Richard Karemire, the Uganda people’s Defence Force (UPDF) spokesperson says the UPDF has done a tremendous job in the regional security right from Northern Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia and South Sudan.

“We as UPDF have played a great role in ensuring that the Northern region of Uganda has peace and this we did by fighting the Lord Resistance Army which created a war that started in 1996 to 2006 and brought total peace to Northern Uganda,” says Karemire.

He adds that there is no threat at the moment and they do not expect any in the future. So the Northern region is free from war and a fast developing place.

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He notes that there has been continued support, dialogue and peace in Southern Sudan. This has been through combined efforts and working hand in hand with other state members and reached a peace agreement which we believe has been able to bring peace in the region.

Most of this success is achieved through the mediation that the UPDF get involved in while in the destabilised countries that they go to support and help to attain stability in the country.

Apart from that, they continue to be active in checking the Allied defence force (ADF), to maintain a defensive structure at the Ugandan boarder and have had to engage with military members in other regions to utilise the ADF.

“Our biggest role remains in Somalia which is under the umbrella of amisom since 2017, we remain the biggest African country offering support. Our efforts have resulted into recovery of the territory of Somalia from the hands of the Alshabab,” says Karemire.

He further says that has led to the economic recovery and rebuilding the state. “We continue to work toward building the national security of other states in partnership with other international actors” he adds.

Aside from that, he says the UPDF, is the multiplier in the office of integration not only in the region but in the continent as whole and UPDF continues to be an active participant in all activities of the defence nature within the East African region cooperating within the East African protocol and defence corporation.

Although they carry out these duties in foreign countries, they have maintained the professionalism within the army because they maintain the same command and control structure.

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“Ideology is maintained, patriotism, pan Africanism, political education and they have the laws and code of conduct that they follow so there is no misconduct while on duty,” says Karemire.

Looking at security, we need not to forget that police too plays a big role in maintaining security within the region because they do a lot when it comes to maintaining the country’s stability.

According to Emilian Kayima, police spokesperson says the police have duty to protect people, property, to detect and deter crime, keep law and order and working with the established systems such as top leaders and dignitaries.

“Every time a problem comes up, it comes to us that is why overtime we have built a capacity to make sure that there is security across the country. In that we have departments in all regions of the country,” says Kayima.

He says the different areas of the country are governed from the police angle right from the division to the officer in charge post and the number of policemen has increased from 25,000 to 43000 which guarantee proper governance.

But much as the number of the police has increased, they are still not enough to cover up the whole country and he does not deny that crimes still happen although they are trying so hard to avert them.

With such situations, the police go largely to the grassroots through a programme of community police where they have interested Ugandans to know what the police roles are and what the community’s roles are because they too have a role to partner with them and the leaders so that they ensure that they are living in a safe country.

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Apart from having the police do the work, they have also involved canine dogs which are trained to help in tracking down the criminals and they have done a tremendously good job in the country.

Kayima when it comes to… says they share a lot with other countries and the Ugandan police is a member of the Eastern African police chiefs corporation organisation and in this they discuss many security issues which helps them to know  what to do to avert cross boarder crimes like terrorism.

“In this we make sure that illegal arms do not cross any boarder because it they do then the country that they are getting into may face insurgency,” says Kayima.

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