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Sometimes you stay at work even against your own will simply because you have no other job to turn to so you keep working.

It is not good to work just for the sake of survival but develop love for your work so that you can do it effectively and leave no room for complaints.

Usually, it is better to find a way to start loving your job and avoid the circumstances that make you frustrated at your work place.

Esther Nabukwasi, a librarian at a secondary school says she has to go through daily criticism from her boss which is demoralising but she has to keep working because she needs the money.

“She is so principled in that when you even arrive 5 minutes late she will deduct a large amount of money from your salary yet she even pays late which is more of her contradicting herself when it comes to time management,” says Nabukwasi.

She says the boss also is so frustrating in a ways that she wants to teach you how to do your work which makes you look like one who does not know what to do and this is demeaning especially if she does it in the presence of the students.

Just like Nabukwasi, Levi Ainebyoona says it is bosses who are so frustrating at work and if you are not careful you may leave your job because you feel you cannot work under them anymore.

He says it is so hard to keep working when the people above you do not appreciate your efforts and seek to find fault in whichever thing you do even when you know you have done your best you never hear them appreciate.

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In this situation, he says if you want to manage life, then you should work without caring about their opinion as long as you do your work so well.

He further says you should stop seeking for attention that you will not get from those you know cannot give you but rather do what you do best and leave the rest to others.

He also says if the reason is fellow workmates, then you may need to cut some circles but as it is work is supposed to be done in a team so he says it is better you stick to work and not go personal.

Dorothy Kamanzi, procurement officer at Rota Tech, Bugolobi says you do not need to quit your job without being sure of another because you may end up remaining jobless on the street and the company you left cannot take you back.

She says employees and employers should seek to live in harmony with those around them because they are the ones who make each other’s lives worth living and enjoyable at their work place.

Although she says that sometimes it is the employees who make their lives in a company unbearable when they do what is not right but do not want to be blamed for it.

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“When you tell an employee that what they are doing is not right and you try to put some pressure on them so that they improve, they will think that you dislike them and are seeking to malice them,” says Kamanzi.

She further says in such cases, the employees should seek to have a peace talk with their employer when they feel they are being treated unfairly so that you can know what is causing it and seek to find solutions for it.

On the other hand, Mary Namukose, director at Darfur Company says if the pressure to leave is because of the little pay, then may be the employee should seek to start something of his or her own since money will never be enough.

She says it is better to work and get experience, more exposure because you meet new people each day and when chance sets in, those very contacts could connect you to something better.

She says you should keep a positive mind and ignore the thing that are stressing you because sometimes they are not worth leaving your job. The very individuals you are running from are also making a living that you are seeking for.

More to that, she says it is better to play a fool while in stressing environment so that people do not see a reason to stress you and you too concentrate.

She advises people to respect themselves and others so that no one has the effrontery to try to stress you without any reason because commands the way someone behaves when next to you.

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More to that, she says you should have target and purpose when working because these will motivate you to keep going and no one is worth making you leave your job without you being fired so do not let negative energy get to you.

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