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In many countries of the world certain rules, ethics and values dominate their culture. The structure of society exists regardless of religion and its tenets. The spiritual principles however are expected to support the general success in building a healthy, happy and prosperous community.

These disciplines are comparable in eastern and western countries. The 10 Commandments are a guide in Christian faith and in India the ethics system is enshrined in the traditional Vedic teachings and in the yogic teachings of the 10 Yamas/Niyamas.

It is generally well accepted and we are reminded by philosophers that spiritual realities must be discovered by the individual who is free to venture into spiritual matters by either joining a group or going alone.

It is well known that until a person is confident through intelligent personal confirmation of any belief they cling more intensely to familiar doctrines and are inclined to ‘go to war’ with those who think otherwise. This also applies to spiritual beliefs. We are more likely to peacefully pursue our spiritual objectives to inject the principles into our own lives and allow others to do likewise when we are confident.

On the other hand, fanatics are different and dangerous. When committed to a cause without sufficient free thought that bears fruit in personal understanding, it is easy for religious fervour to become moulded into weaponry to destroy non-believers. This is what we are witnessing on a vast scale in modern times with ‘fundamentalists’ or violent devotees within a faith. The most strident of these are the Muslim terrorists who are committed to killing all non-believers. This violence and commitment to murder is fearful enough but in addition, the teachings they adhere to allow a Muslim who wishes to leave the faith to be immediately killed by any Muslim ‘believer’ even including a close family member. The murderer will not be punished under Sharia law and according to their indoctrination, will be rewarded by Allah for the deed.

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This last astonishing fact that licence for murder exists within a religion is shocking to us and is hopefully unique. However this gives people in other cultures and countries cause for absolute refusal to allow Sharia law to be permitted inside any country where Muslims have emigrated and are now resident.

If we weaken in our thinking and thereby demonstrate our tolerance for foreign cultures at the cost of our own, as is already happening, and allow even a hint of another system of law to function in our own nation, we are doomed. Not only is our thinking at fault, our own faith in our cultural systems insufficient to value it, but we are betraying our whole nation that is certain to slip into a state of chaos.

It is not a good idea to be fearful of anything. But fear is also natural when we do not have insight or are faced with confrontation with a strength we feel may be far greater than our own. Knowledge gives us freedom from fear. If that knowledge is truthful it can set us free.

Any tendency to fear can be overcome if we plan to act upon our knowledge.

It is apparent to many people of good repute and scholarship who have seriously studied what has been occurring, even before the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy, that modern democracies are endangered by an archaic and cruel system where love and kindness have no place. Many of these people have suffered personally under the system and escaped but still fear reprisal after having left the Islamic fold. Some have been courageous to write of their experiences in order to encourage western countries to defend themselves, in spite of the shadow of jihad that places their own life at risk of reprisal.

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It becomes apparent that the previous danger of communism has been replaced by the global threat of Islam, not only from Arabs and the Middle East but of the swelling numbers of Muslims and terrorists worldwide who share the idea of obtaining world power through violence.

How can the world deal with a religion that kills anyone who wishes to leave it?

How can we, as democracies, defend freedom and defend ourselves in the future?

One way to deal with this terrorist threat coming through the Muslim people and particularly those who implement or support Sharia law, is to stand strong in our own system and protect it with national pride and responsibility as a citizen. All democracies of the free world need to act as one in rejecting any effort to establish Sharia law or incorporation of any part of it into their present judicial system.

We need to protect ourselves from the erosion of our culture from outside influences that undermine our national self confidence.

We need to protect our borders from uninvited illegal immigrants who fail to constitute true refugee status.

We need to correct our failed immigration system that we have allowed to be mocked as illegals steal a place over legal applicants.

We need those to whom we have allowed entry and who benefit from their new life and who continue to receive additional benefits, to be aware that this good fortune is not their right but a privilege. Refugees should be accepted only if they are willing and eager to fulfil the basic, reasonable demands to learn the language, the laws of their new country and to fulfil the responsibilities of loyal citizenship.

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In Australia we need to stand strongly without fear of being scrutinized by international ‘thought police’ who intimidate us and even query or invade our sovereign rights.

We need to stand tall and find a way to prevent the perpetration of the wrongs that are now being inflicted upon our nation and upon the welfare of the whole world – wrongs that are effective when we are weak and open the door to chaos.


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