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Job Title:       English Teacher – Upper Primary

Organization: Merryland Infant & Primary School

Duty Station: Kanyanya, Gayaza, Uganda

Reports to: Head of Department, Deputy Head-teacher and Head-teacher

About US:Merryland Infant & Primary School is located in Kanyanya Gayaza Road.
Job Summary:  The English Teacher  is responsible for ensuring teaching and learning processes stimulates pupil’s improved academic and co-curricular performance. S/he ensures curriculum delivery is reflected in the scheme of work and that lessons are planned and delivered according to timetable and record of work filed. S/he ensures assignments and tests stimulate memory, comprehension and mastery of content covered. Additionally, the subject teacher is expected to demonstrate good administrative and management skills; including living up to the teacher’s professional code of conduct and setting a good example to the entire school community, maintaining quest for learning as the lead learner.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:  Develop schemes of work, lesson plans and teach key learning objectives within subject area. As well as:·        Develops detailed subject schemes of work, lessons plans and records of work termly.·        Ensures that all lessons are planned and taught according to the school timetable.·        Updates class subject register, checking for pupil’s attendance of classes and reports in case of any anomalies.·        Teaches and inspires pupils to high academic performance attainment through full coverage of subject syllabus·        Assess pupils and give useful feedback for improved performance by filling report cards and mark sheets.·        Addresses subject area problems affecting pupils’ achievement by ensuring clarity expected of the pupil.·        Compiles termly assessment marks for submission and forecasts to the Deputy Head teacher.·        Liaises with the class teachers to support teaching/learning in the classroom and the school.·        Addresses pupil conduct ensuring that barriers to pupils’ achievements are identified and removed.·        Participates in drawing up the subject teaching content and collaborates with other teachers to improve the teaching/learning processes.·        Teaches according to differentiated ⁹the special learning needs of the class, reflecting this awareness in the expectations made, assessments given for holistic child development.Ensures a good learning environment and projects pupil’s results. As well as:·        Ensures teaching and learning is done in a clean, tidy, safe and supportive learning environment by following up in case of delays and taking corrective actions.·        Ensures that pupils develop respect and supportiveness for the teaching and learning environment by maintaining sensitivity to the physical and psychological space.·        Supports pupil assessments as a part of learning and adding to their eagerness to attain excellence by review.·        Projects pupil results in the subject area to create an environment that stretches pupils to achievement and meet learner needs through guidance and counselling.·        Articulates the school vision, mission, values and anthem ensuring pupils demonstrate proud identity and express it in the value they attach to the school.·        Champion school citizenship among pupils ensuring they attach value to the school to enforce discipline.Ensures school events are represented and pupils closely observed. As well as:·        Attends school programs ensuring input in staff development, conveyor exam marking or meetings.·        Brings in own expertise in school programs, supporting pupil preparations and overseeing co-curricular activities from time to time as may be required.·        Builds sound relationships with staff and pupils from visiting schools during inter school activities through collaborative behaviours that can be adopted by pupils.·        Supports pupils house activities: sports, cultural festivals, events and cleaning competitions overseeing preparations and behaviour at such events.·        Acts as an evaluator at school competitions by making sound judgement to ensure unbiased assessments. 
Manages own learning by living-up to ethical conduct as a lead learner. As well as:·        Reviews own teaching and reflects on ways to improve delivery of content.·        Continuously applies learner-centred teaching methods ensuring pupils grow towards higher order thinking skills through analysis and evaluation.·        Sits in colleague’s lessons, gives them feedback on their effectiveness to ensure lessons are memorable, engaging to learners and covers core syllabus content.·        Attends staff trainings to learn/apply personal improvement aspects that directly inform teaching practices.·        Deliver evidenced-based teaching and learning practices to fellow staff at learning workshops (INSTEP)·        Engages in personal education and training, bringing in new knowledge and skills for opportunities to further own education and ensure such information is documented.·        Manages time effectively by following school calendar/timetable to create value for time among the pupils.Coordinates specific routine, roles and responsibilities in the school: As well as:·        As teacher on duty supports pupils to follow school and class rules and regulations at all times.·        Supports the school management address cases of deviant behaviour affecting pupils’ performance.·        Participates in examination invigilation, ensuring the school reputation is upheld and all procedures of examination supervision and invigilation are complied with.·        Coach pupils by preparing them for life through supervised teaching/play and guided learning.·        Carry out other duties as requested by the Supervisor

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Qualifications, Skills and Experience:·        The applicant must hold a Diploma in Primary Education from a recognised institution. Grade V education is desired.  ·        At least three years of experience in teaching the subject area·        Desirable: 5 years teaching in the subject area and registered with MoES   ·        Excellent Childhood Development teaching skills·        Desirable: Ability to develop, subject teaching resources
CompetenciesEssential Skills·        Teaching·        Assessment skills·        Planning and organising·        Communication·        Problem-solving and decision-makingEssential Character:·        Integrity·        Results orientation·        Logical and forward thinking·        Proactivity·        Emotional resourcefulness·        Understanding of others·        Support orientationCore Values:·        Passion for education·        Professional ethics·        Have enthusiasm for school workAppreciation for the school
How to Apply:Application should be addressed to The Director Merry land Infant and Primary School Kanyanya Gayaza Road and send their CVs via email to [email protected]

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