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Most of the time, the leadership role is left to the bosses. All employees must get leadership skills which they will not only use in the company but also elsewhere in case they happen to leave the company. 

Quit leaving leadership to one section of people of the company because you too need to be a leader before they can be led.

There are moments when you need everyone to be a leader if something is to be accomplished on time but the fact that you have only dependants who are waiting for instructions, the process will be delayed. 

A company that has leaders will always come to decisions either as a team or an individual.

Moses Engwau, co-founder and managing director of the Business development center says leadership training is essential to every worker at the office.

He says for a business to triumph, the leadership in it has to be very good and everyone in the company can pull this off if they have been trained.

“As long as there is no leadership in a business, then the company may digress or regress depending on how the few leaders can handle,” says Engwau.

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He says over the years he has handled the TRAIN campaign he observes many people who go for training and has noticed that many organisations do not have a leadership model which is dangerous for a company that is seeking to grow businesswise.

“As a result of lack of a leadership model, the leaders of the company know where they want to go but the rest of the team has no idea and all they have to do is follow the others which makes them lose sight of the future.

“When the other team in the company has no leadership skill, they feel they have been less engaged in the company issues and this may make them more dependent on the leaders who are not in a position to handle the pressure that comes from each employee,” says Engwau.

With that, most employees will feel neglected, lose confidence because they feel the person who is meant to be there for them is not caring.

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He however says the employees should know where that skill should be applied and they should not try to overshadow their boss’s influence just because they can do it with or without them.

He further says when you give your staff such pieces of training, with time you will not need to bring an external expatriate to train the others since the ones in can do the same job.

More to that, he says when everyone has the leadership capability, the output produced by the company will be excellent because all the work was done effortlessly without anyone being pushed to do it.

Karen Irene Echelai, an administrator at QG group says with leadership, great teams are built and these do not only attract talent but also helps build community ground around teams.

She says with leadership, there is vision and vision is very powerful but only seen in leaders that have taken their time to help their team see the future and they have engaged them through the training.

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