CoP warns: Virtual fetes no excuse for mass gatherings

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CoP warns: Virtual fetes no excuse for mass gatherings


Patrons at Army Fete, Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain. File photo.
Patrons at Navy Fete, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain. File photo.

COMMISSIONER of Police Gary Griffith says some organisers of virtual fetes for the Carnival 2021 season are the usage of this as a gateway to gain mass gatherings.

He urged them now to not breach the public effectively being regulations as the police attain not are looking to be the “grim reaper of Carnival.”

With the cancellation of Carnival 2021 owing to the covid19 pandemic, occasion organisers and artistes gain been web web hosting virtual concert events and hope to host virtual fetes.

Griffith, in a open, mentioned he has notorious the upsurge in such events, which he understands are “primarily an avenue to present funds for certain institutions to offset annual prices, inclusive of colleges.”

However he added, “Sadly, these events by the usage of a virtual fete can and would be abused by some, with the regulations being breached.

“These virtual Carnival events, if not managed, would once all all over again be a cause for the virus to unfold, as some who are both irresponsible, or glance an different to compose a profit, are planning to to find unto the positioning of these virtual events and problem up natty displays with highly effective sound systems, even of their like backyards, then to gain quilt prices, or raise a bottle and plenty others, and to gain others peek the occasion, and be entertained at such venues, therefore turning it into a Carnival fete.”

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He mentioned anybody who invites others to their inner most properties to peek these virtual events together would perchance be breaching the Public Smartly being Ordinance Guidelines, “as you presumably would be turning your inner most premises into a public problem and the police would act accordingly.”

He reminded the public that teams of handiest up to ten other folks are currently allowed.

The open additionally mentioned, “Commissioner Griffith reminds that these guidelines gain been drafted and are being enforced, now to not frustrate anybody, but to construct lives, therefore, whereas he and the members of the TTPS cherish the rising frustrations, they underscore the importance of all events working together against one procedure, which is to withhold the nation’s security.”

He mentioned the police’s “easy” role is to place into effect the guidelines.

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