New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission New Hampshire Incentive Program Grant 2022

Do you want to apply for New Hampshire Incentive Program 2022-2023? Say no more, this article you are currently reading contains all the necessary information you need regarding New Hampshire Incentive Program.

The cost of attending college is often a major factor in whether or not a student can afford to attend. Even if you have the grades and test scores to get into the school of your choice, its tuition might not be something you can easily afford.

Financial aid is a necessity for almost every college-bound student. If you’re worried about financing your education, don’t panic just yet. There are plenty of financial aid opportunities out there to help you pay for school including that of New Hampshire Incentive Program found on this page.

While some financial aid require that you pay back, most financial aid is money that you don’t have to repay and that doesn’t have to be paid back with interest. Don’t worry, the details we have provided regarding New Hampshire Incentive Program will mention if you need to repay it or not.

There are many forms of financial aid, including grants, scholarships, work-study programs, and student loans which can help pay for tuition and fees, housing, books, and living expenses while attending college. This can come from a number of sources including but not limited to: federal and state governments, schools themselves or other private organizations such as churches or charitable trusts. Proceed below for information about New Hampshire Incentive Program which will provide an overview of the type of financial aid it is as well what is required for you to benefit from it.

About New Hampshire Incentive Program

Pay attention to the section below which contains description about this financial aid.

Applicant must be a New Hampshire resident, have a minimum 2.0 GPA, attend a NEASC-accredited New England school, and demonstrate financial need.

More Details on New Hampshire Incentive Program

Award Value

Minimum Award: $225

Average Award: $515

Maximum Award: $1,000


Award Type: Grant

Award Coverage: Other

Award Renewable? Yes

Awarded Annually? Yes

Repay Required? No


Age Requirements

Should age be required for this financial aid, the details on such are below:

Minimum Age: Nil

Maximum Age: Nil


Other Details

Enrollment Level: College sophomore,College senior,College junior,College freshman

Major: Not Specified

State: New Hampshire

Country: Not Listed



Ethnicity: Not Available

Race: Not Specified

Interests: Not Available

Religion: Not Specified

Deadline: 1-May. The deadline for New Hampshire Incentive Program is usually 1-May.


New Hampshire Incentive Program Application Procedures

Visit the application website for New Hampshire Incentive Program, here to complete and forward your application.

Sponsor Information

Sponsor Name: New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission

Sponsor Website:

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