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The young courageous Onekalit kleivin reaches Bukoto Brown flats at dawn. He looks so energetic and determined. There he climbs the stairs to pick his equipment to start his healthy day. Quietly and gently he connects his systems (music).without much stories since all his clients are much older than him. He looks so serious at the time of instructing. Though he is young he looks hard on the trainees. He makes all the moves with them. The sound of music seems to make him stronger and courageous. His eyes open on to each and every one in the exercise. He speaks a word or two “madam you are cheating” to one who has not done what he has instructed. He then continues instructing “one, two three, we are making 10, lets go…. “I really picked a lot of interest and wanted to know more about him he had this to say,

Kelvin is born to Atim Harriet and Onawa cassus but was raised by a single father in Naguru.He went to Naguru for his p1 and p2 then joined st tereza were he completed his primary. He then had his o level at crested secondary school and completed his high education from makerere modern.

Since his school life, kleivin was engaged in sport activities like running, modeling football he even did boxing in holidays, while in his senior five, he used to escape from school and go to the gym with friends. They would sit at times hide and watch how things are done there, he really loved how things were done in the gym.

After his senior six, he felt like making his own money because his father had done much bringing him up a lone from the age of 8years.He started by being a potter on houses which he quit after 8 days because the conditions were hard.

He went for some days without a job until his friend “ken”connected  him to couch Mutebi Ronald who was an instructor at Lukwagos fitness club near old park in 2014.Mutebi tought him to do body bulding and aerobics. He mastered everything in only two months because he had a lot of interest.

He was then employed at lukwagos fitness club here he was only given transport and lunch no salary. He made an extra mile to make sure he earns a coin for a living. He joined a group of bouncers who would go to bounce  at clubs. They used to go to Nakasongola to “tips “club where they were paid 20000 a night and given transport to and fro. He also bounced at open house near watoto church. In the morning they had to report at Lukwagos so they never slept .they would only rest for few hours when there were no customers.

While there, his friend Isaac connected him to ceascallop in kamwokya. Isaac used to train in the gym and was an instructor as well.as fortune can fall.one of his clients “the treasurer Brown flats connected him to Brown flats fitness club at Brown flats Bukoto.

Kleivin has trained a number of important people like Mr kakooza James chairman Kamwokya,singers ,Bobiwine and Tuff B,Mr muhangi  Moses counselor Kololo,counselor Geofry Kamwokya among others.

In the two places, he earns 560000 shillings amonth.As he is given lunch and free transport at ceascallop.

Kleivn says   what has kept him moving is his ability to communicate well with the clients .he talks to them well and respects them that’s why they want him to train them  though he is young

Kleivin uses Lingala and Tecno, he says this kind of music gives people morale, makes them forget their problems and concentrate on exercise. He doesn’t have a specific place where he gets his music but gets from any music library.

He says he has never thought of leaving his job because he enjoys it so much” if a bigger opportunity comes I can go for it  because I aim higher, but I will still be coming to the gym”

He says he is happy Ugandans are joining gym  even doctors are recommending it for people with high blood pressure, sugars and other diseases.


He recommends that both male and female put on track suits shirt and a trouser. They should have canvas shoes with a soft sole to enable them work out well without feeling pain. He urges women to dress decently. He gives a scenario of a lady of about 25 who came dressed in a tight short and folded T-shirt leaving the belly out.


For breakfast, kleivn takes raw eggs mixed with yoghurt and boiled egg with two slices of bread” that’s why you will never see me grow fat” he says. At lunch he eats normal food; meat rice matooke potatoes, peas but avoids fried foods he also makes sure there is greens. For super he takes salads (cucumber, green paper, cabbages, onions, tomatoes, garlic) at times he takes fruits or milk with a slice of bread.

At home


He says if a person wants to work out from home and doesn’t want to go to the gym he/she can;

1. Skip a rope; he says this is recommended more than running

2. Do sit ups, lie on your back and keep sitting as you lie back for about 10 times.

3. Do pushups, for men commonly known as pressure ups

4. Stretch your body.

He says people on exercise should observe their diet for example, avoid eating fatty, oily, or fried foods. If they are to eat meat let it be boiled and chicken shouldn’t have a skin. That they should also avoid heavy food for supper

He finally advises young people to come out and work, jobs are everywhere you only need to be determined and focused

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